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I will be traveling Europe this summer with a friend and I am looking for feedback/guidance on the following itinerary. This will be my first trip to Europe but my friend has been several times. We are 28 and 30 so we are looking to have a good time and also have some relaxation mixed in. We will be traveling for the full month of July.

Fly into Paris-spend four days
train to Amsterdam-2 days
train to Wolfsburg Germany for Womens World Cup
one night in Wolfsburg
train to Switzerland-3 days
train to Pamplona via Barcelona-3 days
Seville- 2 days
Granada-3 days
Barcelona-2 days
fly from Barcelona to Rome
4 days in Rome -daytrip to Naples/pompeii
3 days Florence/Venice
5 days in Austria/Prague

Does this seem do-able? or is it too much time on trains?

Would a flight from Berlin to Barcelona or Madrid be more time efficient? Any idea how long that train ride would be from Wolfsburg to Luzern, Switzerland and then how long on to Pamplona? I’m sure it would have to be via Barceona.

Moving Switzerland to the end of trip with Austria/Prague?

Stay 4 days in Granada and take day trip to Seville and 3 days in Barcelona?

How long do we really need in Rome/Florence? Would like to spend time in Naples or Venice as well….

Thanks for any help!

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This looks pretty good to me, though I haven’t been everywhere on your itinerary. A couple thoughts: I’d want 3 days in Barcelona. Keep the 4 days in Rome (incl. day trip to Pompeii). What do you want to see in Naples? Only worthwhile thing, IMO, is the Archeological Museum. Otherwise, skip. I’d want more time in Florence/Venice than 3 days- 5 would be ideal (3 in Florence which could include a daytrip to either Siena or Pisa and 2 days in Venice).

FYI, you might get more responses if you post this in the “favorite places” forum.

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Looks like a doable plan…

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that’ll be fine. good itinerary

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Looks good to me.

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