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Eurotrip tolins doubeling
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Hi there,

I noticed something funny that might or might not be a bug. Here it is:

When I add any content to Eurotrip I am supposed to get a certain number of tokens/points. I do get them right after I have added the content. That works ok. But certain content such as a Directory Link or Travel Tip, content which needs to be checked by a moderator/editor before being added, gives me double the tokens/points when they are added.

So say I add a Dublin as a Favorite Place. When I submit the place I get ten (10) tokens/points and the place goes into the Pending Items list to wait for approval by an editor. Once the item is approved I get another ten (10) tokens/points) Therefore I am getting 20 points for a Favorite Place.

So I don’t know if this is a bug or this is meant to happen. Also can I ask what the tokens are for? What are they used for?

Thank you

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The tokens are part of an incentive program that is still in the process of being ironed out. As of right now it is really just your reputation on eurotrip, but that is probably going to change.

You getting double points is a bug. Its a little logic issue I have not tried to fix yet. Basically, when mim or I approve the piece of content, it gives you the points again, but it takes the points away from the person who approved the piece of content. Since mim and I are editors, the points are not that big of a deal for us, so since it was really just giving double points for the people who used the new functionality it wasn’t a major problem. It is on my list of todos to fix…

Thanks for all the feedback, I really appreciate it. Smile

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