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Exofficio undies
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So..I don’t know if anyone would be interested in this but I came across some pretty good deals on the fancy travel knickers at sierra trading post, they were like 7.50. Not the typical black and white colors, but I thought they were a good deal and maybe some others would be interested.

On that topic, anyone have any opinions on special underwear? I’ve read that exofficio has been all sorts of popular but haven’t heard any real stories about why they prefer them over typical underwear.

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New Years resolution! Pack light!

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I prefer regular underwear. Things don’t get very clean when you wash them out by hand in the sink. I can’t imagine what undies would be like after a dozen hand washings. Also, underwear doesn’t weigh that much or take up that much room — what can a 1/2 dozen thongs possibly weigh? Don’t focus on underwear in the “I’ve got too much stuff” dilemma.

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They dry super quickly. I had some friends who took them on an archaeology dig this summer that we went on, and their underwear was always dry way faster than my cotton, and they both had exofficio. And we were handwashing and stuff, but my underwear always seemed to get pretty clean so I’m sure theirs did too.

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