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festivals/concerts Jan-June 2010
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Hi! I am 21 years old, and I will be in Europe for about 6 months, based in Rome, Italy, but with a very loose schedule that allows for weekend and some weekday travel. My adventure begins in mid-January 2010 and have until mid-June 2010 to plan trips around all of Europe. I am a HUGE music enthusiast. I love all genres but I am looking for a fun, dance-friendly environment as opposed to ballets,operas, etc (I have nothing against classical music, but I am not really searching for classical concerts). I want to base at least a portion (budgeting here, people) of my trip-planning around concerts and music festivals between January and June of 2010. I am having a really difficult time searching for concert tours online, and I am finding that music festivals seem to be specific to the summer months, after my stay in Europe is over. Any advice?

I am also up for advice on clubs and venues that get great artists/crowds and are must-see locations.


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You’ll find loads and loads of great bands touring around Europe whatever time of the year at normal gigs. You don’t even need to see the big international bands, some of the best gigs I’ve been to have been in basements of bars.

For festivals, I can think of a few in England early June.

Download Festival – Mainstream Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk, etc is the 2nd weekend in June I think

Bearded Theory is a small festival at the end of May in England.

If you check out you can find some festivals listed there, or ask on the forums perhaps? They specialise in festivals, mainly in England, but list worldwide too and have an international festivals section which has information on Mainland Europe festivals, big and small.

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