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A Few Questions...
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Hi guys im planning on going to Europe for an extended stay 6+ months, I have enough money for about 3 weeks of travel at which point I would need to get a job. So let me make a short list of questions I have so I can get a better idea on how to plan the trip.
1) Is hiking or hitchhiking between towns in western europe viable? Is hitchhikin illegal?
2) After my 90 day visa is expired will I need to stay in the country I am in at the time, or as long as I dont leave any of the Schengen countries will I not get caught?
3) What kind of jobs would be easier to get? Working at bars, hotels and tourist areas? I am american, 23, and fluent in english, spanish and french.
4) Is the plan of settling down in one place until I have enough money to move to the next unrealistic? I was traveling in New York one time and met an Irish chick who was slowly traveling across america on her way to brazil, she would go to a city, spend a month or two there working a waiting job and then move on to the next city. I was amazed and thought it was such a cool thing to do. Could the same be done in England, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Sweden?
Thanks for the tips!