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first time runner 2010
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I am 23 year old guy and i am backpacking with a 23 year old buddy of mine. I planned my entire trip around being able to run with the bulls. I plan on getting there early enough to participate in the opening ceremonies and walk the course to prepare. Unfortunately, I have no idea what to expect or what to do. I plan on running for the experience, but i also want a picture of myself running with the bulls. Are there professionals that take them and sell them there? what are they odds I would actually be in one of those pictures? Is there a place where me and my buddy could alternate where one of us could take pictures of the other one running?….. most importantly what part of the course should i run? i don’t want to ‘run the course’ i want to run with the bulls. what parts of the course should i run? what should i look for and expect when i get there, to walk the course, then run the course? if you have any advice or suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.
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I am leaving from Houston, TX with $4200 for 41 days
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For great advice about the fiesta check out…

They are the Pamplona Experts

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