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Five Most Unique Cities in Europe


Sarajevo endured more strife over the last 25 years than almost any European city, and with the first rail link opening up between it and Serbia — albeit very long and infrequent — we are witnessing a slow repair of once strained relations. Despite all of this, Sarajevo is a dynamic and vibrant city where cultures and religions bind it together as a source of strength and unity. Distinct districts remain true to their identity without imposing or threatening each other. The people of Sarajevo turned a tragedy into a rebirth and refused to let it consume their lives. The cafés with bullet speckled walls reopened along the boulevards and craters carved out of concrete by bombs were not removed, but filled with red paint. They have moved on but will not allow themselves to forget.


Overrun by tourists? Yes. Crowded? Certainly. Expensive? Very. But despite all these negatives, Venice is a must see city as it is more unique and iconic than any other in Italy. Just sitting back and watching the way daily life floats by, smoothly hectic, is one of the pleasures in life that should never be missed. Once you visit Venice, it will never leave you.


An experiment in tolerance that works, takes a hands off approach to the pleasures of the flesh and mind. Just walking the streets you can feel the buzz of excitement in the air. And with a serious lack of cars, the whoosh of rubber bicycle tires paralleling the lapping of the canals relaxes the mind and body and puts you in a trance like state that only the Dutch can deliver.


Once a Moorish capital, now a small city with a big personality, Granada will deliver the old Spain that so many travelers are searching for. From the still free tapas to the Flamenco musicians in the hills, Granada’s nooks and crannies can keep you occupied for weeks on end. And behind all of this looms one of the most spectacular fortresses in all of Europe – The Alhambra.


With low rent beckoning artists, performers and other bohemians from nearby cities and countries, Berlin is in the midst of an artistic explosion. No other city in Europe has such a wide array of art installations, performances, parties and happenings than Berlin. On top of that, it is so historically important and interesting that both your nights and days will be packed with things to see and do.

Photos by Kabrina McLaughlin

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wa! so beautiful!!!Good, I like it

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Nice info there. What are the most historical cities of europe?

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In my trip to Italy I visited the most beautiful coast ever seen: amalfi coast. And a beautiful town with a worderful sea view: Ravello! Search it on the net… and take a look!

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