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The Free* Walking Tours

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There should never be a reason to pay for a walking tour in Europe. Almost every major city offers free* walking tours that will provide valuable insight into its culture, history and architecture. But more importantly, it will get you orientated. Take the tour the first day you arrive so you can have a point of reference for your own navigation — almost like re-calibrating your travel compass.

Below is a list of some of the more popular walking tours. There are a few companies that dominate the market, but do a very good job. Most tours begin in a city’s main square and last a few hours. If your city is not on this list, check with your hostel who will be sure to have some info.

*While these tours are free, the guide will explain that they don’t get paid much by the company and take tips. If you found their tour helpful, please tip them a few euro. Around €10 per person is fair.

Special note: I have experience with some, but not all, of these tours. If there is a tour on or off this list that you particularly liked (or hated) please share in our comments!

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There is also a free walking tour in Prague, Czech Republic.