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Getting a UK work permit?
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hey everyone,
im a canadian living in winnipeg and was wondering how hard it would be for me to get a work permit to move to britain permanently and eventually get a british passport?
i’ve heard of which does all that stuff for you,and would let me live there for 2 years,but i plan on staying for the rest of my life.
the thing is,my step-dad was born in scotland.would that let me easily apply for a british passport or no?
thanks in advance for any helpSmile

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My suggestion — start out with the 2-year visa and aim to get a company to sponsor you.

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I would very much doubt that having a step dad will give you access to apply for a UK passport through bloodlines, as far as i understand it can only be gained through a parent or grandparent. The other option is as you have already identified, naturalisation where you will have to work in the UK for 6 years with visa’s etc. before applying.

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