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goin to germany, amsterdam, austria, switzerland
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I am traveling with 3 people and want to know where can we go out in these countries and have fun? Also, we want to get crunked. and what are some things we can eat?

I am leaving from New York City with $3000 for 23 days
Lucerne, Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Prague, Amsterdam, Brussels, Zürich
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in vienna you should go to the volksgarten or passage if you’re into house (yet passage is a bit expensive)
if you like alternative/indie music you should go to the flex
and if you like electorinic music the fluc or pratersauna are the places to be
in munich you can go to the p1 (expensive and housemusic)
or the atomic cafe (indie)

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Getting drunk in Europe was never a problem for me. It was just finding out the best ways to do it. For the most part we would hang out at the hostel bar, or a cool locals bar. Find out what the locals like to drink, and where the Happy Hours are in town. Plus that’s always where I had the most fun. Hangin’ out with other travelers and locals going from Happy Hour to Happy Hour.

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Frankfurt, Munich, Prague, Bruges, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, London
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London, Paris, Bruges, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Prague, Munich
I am leaving from LAX and traveling for 20 days
Madrid, Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, Gibraltar, Granada, Barcelona, Paris
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The countries you mentioned are pretty expensive in general, but there are ways you can live/party for cheap. Instead of eating in restaurants all the time you should try to eat sandwiches and things like that from bakeries. In switzerland you can find good kebab places for pretty cheap. And in terms of bars, like the other user mentioned, happy hours are always a good idea. Cocktails are pretty expensive so beer is probably the best option.