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Great Spring 2012 Flight Deals: Swiss Airlines
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If you are planning to fly to europe in Spring 2012 (Jan-April), I recently stumbled upon a great airfare deal through Swiss Airlines via (you cannot get this deal at Swiss, you must use I was able to purchase a round-trip flight from the Western United States to Zurich, Switzerland in March for $572 r/t, with only one layover each way. This is a VERY good deal! Although my travel plans in europe did not initially include Switzerland (Netherlands and Germany were my main focus), I found that the savings from flying into Zurich (as opposed to Amsterdam, Brussels, or Frankfurt—-the other major flight cities in the region), were well worth the extra leg in the trip (savings of over $300). Also, Zurich is not far from some stops in Germany I was planning on, and it is supposed to be quite a beautiful city, so of course I do not mind staying here for a day or two!

Also, I found that using the “Buzz” feature on is very helpful if you have flexible travel plans and are looking for the best bang for you buck flight deal. It scans various flight deals for all cities in Europe (or you can focus it to a certain city or country) and for entire month-long spans. (Note: this is initially how I found the Swiss airlines deal on!)

Good luck!

I am leaving from zurich with $2000 for 15 days
Zürich, Bruges, Groningen, Berlin, Kassel, Frankfurt, Zürich
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Thanks for the tip. $572 from west coast US to Switzerland and back in March is excellent.

I x-refd. these with ITA and, and found the same thing — the cheapest published fares are currently in the $800s for that time frame, but like you said, consolidator comes up high $500s, so that’s a nice savings.