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Greek Islands
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Hi All. I have a few questions. First time in Europe and want to get some input/suggestions.

Heading to Barcelona June 30 – July 5 (this is already booked – can’t change anything)
We have rented an apartment, and I wanted to get some suggestions on day trips. We are 4 girls in late 20’s. We enjoy a mix of party scene and relaxing. We plan on beaching it, enjoying good resturants, Sagrada Familia, maybe head to montserrat for a day. Any other suggestions on things to do? Is there another beach close by we could head to?

Flying into Mykonos from BARC on July 5th (10AM landing) We haven’t booked accomodations here yet. We are planning on staying about 3 nights. I’ve looked at Paradise Beach Hotel… and I’m worried we are going to feel too old here. Thoughts? In Mykonos we are looking to enjoy the beach, culture, nightlife. We want to be around where it is busiest but also don’t want to enter into a frat party. Any suggestions on hotels/hostels would be greatly appreciated!

Santorini (Approx July 9 – 11) I need some suggestions on what area to stay in. Again same type of interests.

Now the big question. I need one last island. Naxos or Paros? Thoughts on those? Since it is the last island, again I’m looking for a mix of busy beach/great scenery. From the last island i’ll be heading back to athens to catch my flight on July 15th.

Basically we are looking for a good mix of party/culture/relaxing. Don’t get me wrong.. we may be in our late 20’s but love to drink, dance let loose – But also don’t want to feel like we are in cancun.

Any help would be greatly appreciated !

I am leaving from Toronto with $3000 for 15 days
Barcelona, Mýkonos, Santorini
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