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Hey everyone,

Now that my trip is only 60 (!) days away, I’ve been researching backpacks online and in this forum. Honestly, I’m pretty overwhelmed with all the choices out there and am not sure what pack would work best for me. I definitely want a backpack with a detachable daypack, and am looking for something in the 55-65 L range (that would include the daypack). I’m a fairly short (5’4 1/2) female so it also has to be either a woman’s pack or a size that would fit me. The max I’d like to spend is $200 (and would love something around $150, if possible). I know there are probably many packs that fit this rather vague description, but I do want a reliable pack that will not just fall apart on me. Hopefully I will be getting lots of use out of it in the coming years!

Can anyone recommend a pack for me, or give me a decent place to start?


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Hi! I am currently finishing up a 2 month trip in Europe and am SO happy with my backpack :

Osprey Waypoint 65 Womens

Here’s the perks:
1. The bag zips open like a suit case so you aren’t shoving crap down into the bottom, etc. I LOVE THIS
2. There are spacious zippered pockets for underwear etc
3. Side pockets- one of which can be accessed from the outside ( I kept my umbrella in it)
4. Day pack – nice and fairly big, padded too with pockets and laptop sleeve
5. Very comfy and light bag
6. The straps zip up into the back of the bag so they don’t get caught when being checked at the airport – very nice feature
7. Easy to lock up

I bought it for just over $200 from Moosejaw, check online for coupons and you could find it for less. They also have an older version for cheaper, but if you can I would splurge. (My bf got the older, and the new perks on mine were nice to have)

Good luck!

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This topic has been discussed multiple times so just put “backpack size” in the search function.
I am a short female as well (5’1) and I have purchased many backpacks (not quite a new one for each trip but in recent years I have started a collection of sorts!) and size definitely matters. Sometimes I have traveled with one that was too large, and I managed to overpack it, so I am sure I did some damage to my spinal alignment! There is also the issue of whether you want a hiking backpack or a travel pack.

Here is the link that would be most useful for you (there is some great advice on there, also see my post): backpack size

Happy travels!