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Help finding cheap flight to Europe
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I hate to be “that guy”, but as a poor college student I’ll take all of the help I can get

I plan on going to Europe next summer from May 27th-July 3rd. I’d like to fly out of the Bay Area, CA (so SJC, SFO, or OAK), and I’d like to fly into London. The departure date isn’t in stone, and anything between May 24th-27th I’d take if the price is right.

However, my return flight will need to be out of Madrid on July 3rd. I didn’t want to plan my trip in a giant circle so I’d rather keep it a multi-city flight. I spoke with a pilot recently and he said I may be able to use Ryanair to fly back to London from Spain and get a cheaper flight, so if that works please advise.

Right now the cheapest flight I found was $1150, so if anyone can help me find better I’d really appreciate it

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing back from you

I am leaving from San Jose with $3000 for 28 days
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I am leaving from San Jose, CA with $2500 for 24 days
Dublin, Manchester, Berlin, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid
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I think it’s too early to book a late May ’12 departure. Definitely sign up for sale alerts with Farecompare, Bing, and/or Airfarewatchdog.

I’d only consider taking a low-cost flight hop back if the savings was tremendous, because they’re a bit of a hassle with all of their fees and restrictions and often far-away airports. With Ryanair, for example, you’ll have to pay the bag and online check-in ahead of time, and it gets you back to Stansted in most cases, whereas your flight from LON back to SFO will most likely be from LHR or LGW airport.

Where have you already checked (so we do not duplicate efforts)? Have you tried the links in our new user thread pinned @ top of this forum? Are you a student by chance?

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CheapoAir is awesome! I was just looking at flights from London for March and I couldn’t find anything more that $550, make sure you are marking the “One-way” box and also it’s helpful to select the +/- 3 days option, it will select the cheapest price within those days.

I am leaving from Portland, Oregon with $2800 for 28 days
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