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Help me plan my eurotrip!
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In july of 2011 me and my friends are going on an eurotrip to celebrate our graduation from the university!! We have around 4400U$ each (already discounting the plane tickets) and can spend around 30 days travelling. So far this is what we’ve planned but we’d be really glad if you guys could help us out with some information and advices. We’d arrive in London then go to Paris then Amsterdam then Berlin then Prague then Barcelona and then Madrid. I realize Prague is very far away from Barcelona. Should i go to all those places by train? How long would it take, if possible, from prague to Barcelona by rail? What would the best rail pass be for this trip? What are the best days in each city? There will be mondays and tuesdays in the schedule… where should i spend them?? Our go is to party hard, get shitfaced and hopefully make a lot of love everywhere we go!!! Is this eurotrip doable?

Thx in advance!!

I am leaving from Brazil with $4400 for 30 days
London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Barcelona, Madrid
Requesting help with Transport, Budget, Itinerary, Nightlife

Life is too short for such a huge and wonderful world!!

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You’d have more luck posting most of your questions in other forums (favorite places, transportation, etc.). You do not want to try to take the train from Prague to Barcelona because it will take a good 24 hours. Fly this leg; it’s faster and cheap:

Some kind of four country railpass with France, Benelux, Gemany, and the Czech Republic will likely be best. You’ll want to take the Eurostar from London to Paris and make sure you book well in advance to take advantage of specials:

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You should go to Barcelona