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Help for Paris
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Hey a few friends and I are going to Paris soon and we already have a little idea of how stuff is done but could anyone who is rather familiar with the city give us a few tips on where to go out (both eating and having a good night out) without completely emptying our wallets. If there are any particular districts we should check out for that stuff that would be very helpful to know.

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This food truck is supposed to be an affordable meal:
Le Camion

Our kid took us to this historic place. Hip young crowd, decent salads:
Au Rocher de Cancale

Do a picnic, check out Canal St Martin, Le Marais.

A bit off the beaten path: A flea market: Marché aux Puces St-Ouen de Clignancourt
If you go, be sure to go past the markets on the periphery, dive deeper into the labyrinth to get to the real markets.

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My g/f and I went down rue Cler to see what was available and on the return up the street put together a nice picnic (ham, cheese, fruit and wine) an then picnicked on the Champs du Mar by the Eiffel Tower.

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