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Hi! PIT or NYC to the UK
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Hihi! I used to be a member of this forum, but apparently that e-mail is long gone.  /sigh

anyway, I’m headed to the UK at the end of May, the week of the 22nd ish through June 6ish… I dunno, flexible around there, I wanted to stay about 2 weeks. I live in Pittsburgh, but flights around those dates to JFK are about $70, so if I can find a huge difference in prices between Pit and NYC, then I’m  okay flying there separately. Oh, I qualify for Student rates, and it’s only me travelling.

I checked and came up $540 all inclusive from Pittsburgh on USair. I’m getting the same price out of New York for those dates.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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You’ve done well to find $540 from PIT. Thanks for posting all of your details, and where you found the best price, so we don’t repeat efforts. Kayak is very good.

I tried Orbitz’s flex search and it found the $540 fare as well. ITA didn’t. Next step is to see if you can get it direct from, or if STA or Travelcuts can do better, and also run your itin through BookingBuddy. But I doubt you’ll do better than $540.

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All USair international flights are out of Philly or Charlotte (but most from philly), so you should probably check out departing from philly.