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Hostels- Prebook or just go with the flow?
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Hey, so me and my best friend are doing a eurotrip this summer.
We were wondering do you think that it is a good idea to book hostels and our train tickets before we go or just go with the flow and do it while we are in europe?

Cause what if stuff does not go as planned?? And or want to stay longer in one place and not the other?

Please advise us and give us some insight! Thank you!

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For places that have major events going on (Olympics, festivals, etc) defiantly book ahead, otherwise you can go with the flow or book ahead. What you can do on some booking sites for hostels is buy insurance, which usually a dollar or 2, that way you can cancel and not lose your deposit. So when you’re unsure, buy the insurance.

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I always recommend onew hostel in Madrid. It is Luz madrid stayed there for 5 days it was clean and nice, stuff is amazing they hepled me almost with everything. What is the most important thing is that it is super cheap!only 10 Euros per night. And, yeah I booked it through the internet. It was quite simply cause though i understand a little bit of Spanish everything was in English. You might get a problem with transportation, I suggest you take public trasport.