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HOW to bring money to Europe.
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I’m planning on going to europe for 4-5 months and will be saving up $8000 CDN or so to bring with me…
My questions is, how to I bring the money.
My first thought is use an ATM card. But then I got to thinking about transaction fees. My bank will probably charge me $3 or so per transaction being that it’s overseas. That would end up being a lot of $$ in service charges even taking out large amounts of money each time…
Travelers cheques are another alternative – but that seems like a lot of travelers cheques to bring. And then the charges to convert to local currancy would start to add up as well? (BTW: I understand you can get travelers cheques in EU dollars – if I were to bring them, would that be the currancy of choice? Or is it still to early to be dealing in Euros?)
Another option I heard is putting a credit on a credit card. They don’t charge you service charges to take the money out? Has anyone done this? Does it work well? Do you get a balance when using ATM’s with a credit card with a credit on it? Otherwise it would be quite the pain to budget?
If anyone has any experience at taking trips for this long, I’d love to hear about them… Thanks!