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How Cheap Can I fly: Vancouver - Rome?
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Dear Expert Europe Trippers,

I am planning a family trip to Rome and the Greek Islands. We are leaving from Vancouver on Sep 26 or 27 (tuesday) and coming back on Oct 11 (Tues) or 12 (Wed).
Prices I am seeing on many different suggested sites are around $1200 – $1300.

1. I am not sure how cheap the flights can be for the route. We are considering the option of driving down to Seattle but prefer not to (driving 3 hours before and after a long trip can be very painful : < )
2. Is this a good time to buy? Should I wait?

This is my first time planning a trip to Europe. Any suggestions are very appreciated!


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Best I see currently for this trip is $1174 USD ( on BA, 1 connection each way — at Heathrow). That seems steep for off-peak, but… Italy (and Spain) can be high into September, and it is from Vancouver (and there are fuel surcharges on currently). So… personally, I’d give it a while; sign up for fare alerts with Bing, Farecompare, and/or Airfarewatchdog, get good at checking it myself daily (with a site like Fly or in case the email alerts are delayed, and be ready to book when something good pops up. I’d probably jump at the first thing under $1000; might it go under $900—maybe, but I think it less likely; could it go above $1200?—again, maybe, but I think that’s the high end for this route at this time of year; there comes a point where people are not willing to pay it, and I think that’s probably close to it — for this route, at that time of year, based on historical fare trends, load factors, and fuel surcharges.