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How far out should I book inter Europe flights?
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I am in the process of booking flights from London to Dublin, Dublin to either Venice, Florenece, or Naples, and Rome to London, for early October 2011. The prices seem OK, but there are limited flight times offered. Does anyone happen to know if the selection of inter Europe flights generally gets better as you get closer to the date? Or are the options now (about 5 months out) going to be the same options 3 months out?

Thanks for any advice!!

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Last minute—even on the low cost airlines—are usually very expensive. Low cost airlines in Europe don’t always announce their next-season timetables until maybe 2-3 months out in some cases. Check to help be sure you aren’t missing any low-cost flight options.

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I would buy sooner rather than later. Last summer, I booked a last min flight on a low budget airline and the price had jumped over $100+.

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