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I want to work abroad! How do I do it?
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I studied abroad in Wales back in 1998 and I loved it! Upon my return I graduated from college and entered the "real world" as an IT Professional. I have been programming for the past five years and not a day goes by that I don’t think about working abroad.

I have attempted several times to find a job overseas. The best advice I have received so far, is to get a job with an international firm and hope for an international assignment. I tried this having briefly worked for Ericsson and that really didn’t get me very far!

I am now 28 and getting antsier by the day! I am hoping someone on this board can provide me better advice. What is the best way to land a job across the pond? I would prefer IT work, but I am not against manual labor if it gets me over there!

I remembered hearing that the UK had special visas for IT workers with 3+ years of experience, is this true? How is the economy in Europe?

I have also recently found a BUNAC program that could get me a 4 month work visa in Australia. Has anyone tried that? What are people’s thoughts on BUNAC? Australia?

Thanks for all the help! And please feel free to email me at