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Interesting People You Meet At Hostels. . .
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Lets hear some of these…for all you guys that have stayed in hostels…I’m sure many of you have met some fascinating individuals…let’s hear some of your stories…!

I have a lot…but I’ll throw one out there to get it going…there was an Australian guy I met in Paris…he was in the same hostel I was for a few days…I left for Milan…came back to Paris…and was checked into the same room as him.

Anyway, this guy thought he was the descendant of Jesus Christ. He was obsessed w/ Dan Brown novels…but he liked that other book that came out before The Da Vinci Code by a different author….I think it was Holy Blood Holy Grail? Something like that. He had all the books w/ him…and they were highlighted in different colors from front to back…he had his notes scribbled all over them…he had just come from India…where he supposedly stayed on the streets for months….sharing park benches w/ heroin junkies… for the time a villager offered his beautiful daughter up for marriage during a stay in the country….he got special treatment over there…including &quotrawns as big as puppies"…which sounded really gross, but that’s how he described them.

After flying into Paris, he remarked how they didn’t stamp his passport…and how that meant he somehow managed to fly under the radar…and that he was going to stay in Europe for as long as he wanted…perhaps taking a side trip to Germany to find the father that abandoned him after he was born…although, he said if he found him, he’d kill him in cold blood.

He talked about how his grandfather was a free mason…and how he had video of him taking machetes to natives in Indonesia decades ago….and how that somehow meant he was the descendent of Christ haha….a soothsayer in India even said so….and when asked about his future, the soothsayer cried and said that he was the last one…(a little too much matrix perhaps? haha)….anyway, he really expanded on his theories about the christ connection in depth.

It was really amazing to hear so much cultivated bullshit…and it was peppered w/ other things that revealed his personality, such as kicking his mothers ass whenever she got smart w/ him….and resenting all gays, because one had raped his aussie league football player friend of his at a party once….the way that was revealed to me…was when we were all sitting around and talking about ex girlfriends…a girl I went out with named Rylee was mentioned….when I said Rylee…he got this crazy look on his face…because he thought it was a guy….when I told him it was a girl, his face went from red to normal…and he went on to tell the buttrape story….I tried to tell him that didn’t mean all gay people were like that….but he didn’t care to listen…

Aside from visiting a few places mentioned in the Da Vinci Code…all he did was smoke weed in the park across the street…and in the dormroom…..usually w/ this guy from Mexico was just kicked out of his g/f’s flat in england… day I came back to the hostel, and I see these 2 guys smoking up w/ little kids playing right next to them…laughing non-stop…the kids parents just stared at them, but didn’t take their children away.

Actually, he went out once…we went out w/ another person…and were supposed to go to a club…a club that he found advertised….we walked taking his lead…never found the place, and I just bailed as we were walking in the middle of nowhere.. yet he was convinced the club was around every corner….but on our way, he’d see people…and point out that he just witnessed a drug deal….or a car jacking….and nothing was ever going on…and I’d say that to him, and he’d look at me and say something to the effect of "You’re from the fucking states and you don’t even realize what’s going on? I’m from the australian country-side and I know! This shit happens everywhere in the states..I can’t believe you don’t know."…and he’d roll his eyes.

You had to not laugh or use logic around him…I initially played along thinking that he’d run out of bullshit eventually, but he never did…and for that I give him props haha…He was a delusional prick…but his dedicated intensity to his off the wall theories made him an interesting encounter.