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Israel to Turkey. Turkey to Germany
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All suggestions/specifics are welcome!

I am trying to figure out the cheapest way to go from Israel to Turkey. On expedia the flights are all about $338 from Tel aviv to anywhere (with a stopover in Istanbul). Ideally I’d like to start exploring Turkey from Cappadocia and work my way west into Europe, saving Istanbul for last.

Because of that, I’m wondering if there is a way by boat that’s any cheaper/better? Perhaps Israel -> Cyprus -> Turkey? I’m trying to avoid Syria at the moment…

Secondly. From Turkey (early September) I’m going to work my way to Munich for Oktoberfest. I don’t want to take a train or fly…I have the time so I want a much cheaper bus alternative…Can I find a bus from Istanbul to Munich? Or do I have to be a bit closer, say from Bulgaria, Serbia, etc. I’d take a few stops along the way and ok with 12+hour buses!

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Check our “cheap flights” forum, particularly the new user thread, for help on flights. Post that part of your question there.

As for buses, you can start with They run throughout Europe, but represent only a small portion of the available buses and are generally the “best” option in terms of following set routes and schedules, decent buses and some level of coordination between countries. A guidebook to the Balkans will list some other options, which may be quite a bit cheaper. I like Let’s Go guidebooks for this kind of information. Look for a guidebook that gives names and web links for other bus companies so you can research prices and schedules. You might find that just going to the bus station and seeing what’s available to get to your next destination is the best option if low cost is your only criteria.