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IT (Information Technology) Jobs In Europe??
Travis Bickle
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Hello, everyone. This is my first post on Euro Trip. I owe it to a Great Dane that posted this site’s address on the LP Thorn Tree. I have some questions regarding IT jobs in Europe. I would appreciate it if you could help.

I am a young American male who traveled to Europe earlier this year for ten weeks and would now like to live there! I am currently studying for my A+ certification in computer repair and maintenance, and I hope to grow from there. I will hopefully be working for a company soon here in the Rhode Island, USA area that repairs and refurbishes monitors and printers. They have many other related IT jobs including Help Desk and Networking, and I know I could grow from a PC Tech in no time. The other certificates that I hope to obtain before I start my search for a job in Europe are Network+, CCNA, MCP+I & MCSE. I should have plenty of experience working in Networking by this time too.

Now, here’s another thing. I do not have
a college education. Will that be a problem? Just as long as I have the work experience? Or should I take a few fundamental courses just to show off on my resume? But at this time I really don’t have the funds for college right now, or the

I have heard that Dublin, Ireland is the easiest place to get a job in the IT industry. How true is that statement – and will it still be valid three years down the line? I have been to Ireland and wouldn’t mind living there. However, I also am very interested in moving to Copenhagen, Denmark. This place really facsinates me. Never been there, but sure like what I hear. I plan a trip to Scandinavia next year.

I’ve visited and it appears not many IT jobs in Denmark other than C++ and Oracle. Maybe that’s not the case. But all the Danish IT web sites are only in Danish so it is difficult. I am open to moving to other European locations as well, if it is simpler. Someone on this site recommended Switzerland, you can get your working permit within six weeks?! Wow! I took two years of German in High School too. Again though, Copenhagen sounds like the place for me! I would settle for any country, just to get a foot in the door, well not just any country.

Well, with all that said, I welcome and would appreciate any posts from people who have opinions about my post, have advice, or would like to share their job-hunting experience, or IT advice, please reply. Thank you so much for your time to read this.

- Travis Bickle