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It seems like point to point might be my way - but could you help me?
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Hello and thank you for looking.

I’m pretty much spending 21 days in france. But with a jaunt into Zurich for 4 days & a 2 day excursion into Brussels. I’m not going on LONG trips really, Just like day trips around my hub/base. So wouldn’t P2P be better more economical? I will be based in Paris for about 10 days and I’ll be going to the Loire valley & champange region, thats not really going to influence if I should get a pass or not, right?

(flying into Nice, making my way down to Marseille(so south of france for 4/5days), up to Dijon for 2/3 days, then Zurich for 4 days, then into Paris for 10)
Help please thank you

I am leaving from Midwest and traveling for 27 days
London, Nice, Dijon, Zürich, Nancy, Reims, Paris, London
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Maybe. Check out which will compare passes, point-to-point, and combinations.

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I think you will find the trips in France quite expensive and a railpass could easily save some money even on these relatively short trips. Belgium and Switzerland are expensive countries for rail travel, too. Check prices for tickets on the French national rail company website:… and also and for the ticket to Brussels, Do not use the US as your home country as that will switch you to which results in global fares which can be up to 30% higher than the prices at the station. Special prices will be for a specific date and time, are not refundable, and probably can not be changed without paying a higher fare.
The trip planner includes railsaver, if you complete your itinerary I think it will give you a recommendation. Otherwise you can link to railsaver on the “bookings” tab and enter your itinerary.

I would probably go for a 3 country select pass as I think it’s about the same price as the equivalent days on a single country France pass.