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Lausanne to Munich (without Austria on Eurail pass)
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So me and my friend got a 5 country Eurail pass for our Eurotrip (France, Benelux, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic).

Our itinerary will most likely look like France-Lausanne-Munich-Prague-Berlin-Amsterdam-Brussels-France.

The problem is for Lausanne-Munich since it looks like it has to be split as Lausanne-Zurich and then Zurich-Munich…but the Zurich-Munich ride goes through Austria (which we do not have on our Eurail pass).

Is it possible to pay a surplus for going through a country not included on our pass? If so, what kind of amount are we looking at? Would it be better if we bought an individual ticket from an another Swiss city to Munich? Should we be looking at an alternate route?

Thanks for any help!

I am leaving from Montreal with $2000 for 20 days
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Just buy a point to point ticket at the station for the portion of your route that’s in Austria. Since this part is only30 minutes it will probably cost 10€ to 15€. Check pricing on the Swiss and German rail company websites to see if you can find a special fare for the whole route that’s less than the cost of a day of the rail pass + point to point ticket in Austria + reservation fee — assuming you have a more expensive route on which to use that rail pass day.