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Look For Cooperation On Visas&Work Permit
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Dear Sir/Madam
I’m a chinese man and live in beijing the capital city of name is Ryan Zhang.I ask for help about visas.There are many chinese people especailly whom comes from several province in the south of China they want go to Europe,UK,Canada,US etc,for visiting and working or business trip(work visas,visit visas and business visas is needed)

Who can help us to obtain visas directly without any interview from concerned foreign embassy herein china with ourself passport.each visas/person we promise to pay you relevant service charges by cash in the below.
1.Schengen visas: U$5000.00 (Spain,Sweden,Austria etc).
2.Formal invitation letter: U$2000.00 (from Spain,Sweden,,Austria)
3.UK visas: U$10000.00
4.Canada visas: U$15000.00
5.US visas: U$30000.00 (including visas marriage with America citizen)

A few persons(male and female)come from china somebody look for marriage with America citizen and somebody wants to buy a valid Japanese passport,Korean passport or any holders of passport from the countries of Schengen agreement Europen. who is interesting please send email to talk about details.Thanks!

Our requirement that is firstly you better based in China.secondly all of the procedures of apply for visas must be processed in Beijing China and cash on delivery and cash transaction only or I’ll remit money to you through bank when we got visas if you trust me.we can open a jointly signed bank account with you together here in beijing China and save such that money I promised before into account when you prepare and start visas process for us and I also can give you my passport or ID card for mortgage at same time.(Before I have been to the several European countries,for instance Spain, France, Belgium and Netherlands).we can go and draw money out from bank together when you get visas successful for us.As you know if we cheat you and don’t pay you money we also haven’t any way out to draw money out only ourself without you come together and I also could not get my passport back from you too.

Sorry! the method of pay in advenced is unacceptable(the clients nobady would be pay money even one dollar including courier services before they got his visas in hand).the student visas and make a detour to another country firstly and then get visas for third country is also uninterested. we only accepted visas it is issued from concerned foreign embassy in China.please don’t waste your time if you could not satisfy our demand.Thanks!

My Email and this advertisement is valid for long-term.I look forward to hearing from someone and hope to get cooperation with him! Thanks!

Best Regards
Ryan Zhang