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Merging Accounts
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I know a lot of people were members at one point and then disappeared for a while and then came back and couldn’t remember their old login credentials, so they created new accounts.

If you are one of those people, I have created a merging script that will allow me to merge your accounts to the one you wish to use. This will help us clean up our database a bit by killing old dormant accounts as well as give you credit for all the content that you created in the past.

There are a few caveats:

  • We have killed some accounts if they were been dormant for too long. If I don’t have it anymore, I can’t merge it (obviously).
  • I will be asking a bunch of skill testing questions to make sure you are actually the owner of the old account. If you know or think you know what email you used for the old account you should send it to me.

If you have multiple accounts on here and would like to merge them, send me (private message) the following information:

  • All usernames
  • All emails (that you think you used)
  • Which account you want to end up with (and email)

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