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MIJE, Caulincourt Square, or Le Village (Paris)
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I’ll be staying four nights in Paris in May and then one night at the end of my trip. I think I’ve narrowed down my search to either one of the MIJE hostels (Marais), the Caulincourt Square hostel (Montmartre), or Le Village Hostel (Montmartre).

I’ve read lots of reviews for these and other hostels and I’m just looking for help deciding. I’m 31 and not a big party person, so it’s really not important to have a bar in my hostel. Also, I don’t plan on hanging out at the hostel too much. But I’m not super uptight, either. I don’t mind sharing and I’m a pretty sound sleeper.

I would like to specifically hear from people who have stayed at any of the MIJE hostels. They are the more expensive of the three, but seem nice, if I decide I’d rather have someplace quieter to return to. But I’m confused about how they are situated. They seem to be right next to one another, and be part of a whole, but separate entities. Can anyone help me out with a description?

What do you think? What are your experiences? Do you have anyplace else to suggest? I was thinking of staying in a hotel my last night in Paris, just before flying back to the US. What do you think of that? Any suggestions?


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