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I know this has probably been posted somewhere along the other tips, but, I thought I should share this with everyone.
DO NOT EVER TAKE OFF YOUR MONEY BELT! Unless you are to take a shower then store it somewhere safe (like in your towel). Don’t EVER take it off!
Me, being a forgetful person, thought that I would remember where I put it, but apparently not. In a hotel in Germany, I put the money belt under my pillow and by the time morning came, I forgot about it and we moved on to Austria. On the way there I remembered the money belt still under my pillow. I was lucky the people that worked in the hotel were nice and did not steal it (they sent it to our next hotel, where I paid 12 euros for the package). It could have easily been stolen, so learn from my mistakes and never let it go!

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what is a money belt ?

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I usually carry two money belts. One goes around my waist with my credit card, debit card, cash. passport, etc. The other I wear around my neck with a fake passport (availble at Head shops everywhere – just don’t try to use it), an old debit card, a cancelled credit card, and some cheap money (I usually have some pesos or domincan money etc. lying around). If I get held up I’ll hand over the fake goods

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Thanks for sharing this useful information. It’s great.

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