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Montreal vacations - need some suggestions on the trip.
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Hello everyone, we are a young group of students and are planning to visit Montreal for a change as part of our vacation plan. We have gathered the necessary information about the place and have a schedule for the trip. But, we would like to take any last minute advices if possible to make sure everything is covered. Please provide us with your suggestions on this.

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That is just great! Montreal is a great city to spend your vacations and welcomes visitors at their best. The city offers some good places to visit and has locations of varied interests. Old Montreal is a great place to visit and the historic city centre is rich in museums, shops, restaurants and grey stone architecture spread out along narrow, cobblestone streets. It is also home to the Vieux Port attractions and lively public squares like Place Jacques-Cartier. I would also recommend furnished apartments for a comfortable stay there.

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