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Munich in June
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Hi. My husband and I are planning to go to Munich in mid June. He is only able to stay a week, while I will be staying over two weeks. We want to visit the pubs, the Neushwanstein castle, Dachau, and maybe a soccer game. We also wanted to possible hit another nearby location during his week stay and we are considering Prague, the Bavaria region, Switzerland, etc. Any _favorite places _we can do in a day or two? I don’t want to miss something amazing nearby since his time is limited.

Also, are there any suggested activities, hotels, etc. in Munich?

Thanks so much for any suggestions.

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Prague (about 5 hours by train)would be a great choice if you could spare 2 1/2 to 3 days. Vienna/Bratislava (I prefer Bratislava) would be another possibility for a 2 to 3 day trip.

For a shorter time-frame and Alpine scenery, I’d seriously look at Austria — Innsbruk or Salzburg can be done as a day trip from Munich, but an overnight would be a nice side-trip. You could also spend the day in Salzburg or Innsburk as a stopover en-route between Munich and Vienna.

The town of Dachua is a Munich suburb. The concentration camp is an easy 1/2 day visit from Central Munich by U-bahn and a short bus ride.