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Hi fellow travelers!
I’ll be doing this trip after my july 28 Berlin coverage (Im a reporter for a newspaper in Philippines). My main concern is if the following cities would be possible by train:
Munich-Stuttgart-London-Brussels-Venice-Budapest-Florence-Basel-Monacco-Paris. After two days in Stuttgart, I’ll be staying overnight in Munich (or vice versa Munich first then Stuttgart next). then two days in London, one day in Brussels, a day in Venice, a day in Budapest, a day in Florence, two days in Basel, a day in Monacco and overnight in Paris. I am from Manila, Philippines. I would like to know if this is possible by train. if yes, do i get one train pass for all of it? what if i miss just one train schedule in any of the city, do I wait for the next train? is there a tourist guide in every station? how much is the cost of the taxi or bus? how much would be your guestimate or total cost for the entire trip? is $1500 enough to cover even my food and Please advise. thanks much.
p.s. i’m a vegetarian. i hope i can find affordable rates for vegetarian restaurants. i’ve tried the and i saw affordable places to stay. what do you think of this site?

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It’s possible by train, but why would you want to? You have way, way too much time on trains compared to the amount of time you actually get to see or experience anything in Europe. Cheap flights might help with some of the longer treks, but any flight takes a minimum of 5 hours when you add in time to get to/from airports and check-in/security time. A flight in the afternoon effectively kills the entire day for sight-seeing.

Complete your itinerary in the trip planner for a recommendation on which, if any, railpass is best.

Use the German national rail system website for schedules anywhere in Europe. http://reiseauskunft…