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My Blade & Soul CBT Patch downloading very slowly

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Tags: Blade & Soul
City: Nerja, Spain
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I’m new to BnS overall and I just bought the initiates pack. As of right now my patch download for the CBT is very slow. It’s been a good 2 hours now, and I’ve just hit 7%… I’m not sure if its just a problem on my end, or if this is a common occurrence at the moment. Just wanted to have some insight on how your downloads went and if anyone is having the same problems. Thank you in advanced.

It’s always around this time where people are posting this question about download speed with huge number of Blade & Soul Items, so I am assuming that around this time is when their server do some maintenances.

If that is not the problem though, you can either check if your ISP provider actually throttles torrents, or you can go to the downloader installation fo

I had this problem, but I assumed i was my ISP was just throttling my internet (I live in Andorra, bad internet) as my dl speed would peak at 300KB, then slowly drop down to 3kb and reset back to 300, but then noticed my gf was downloading it around 1-2mb/sec who was sitting next to me. in the end after 12hours and it was only at 30% I waited until hers had downloaded then just copied it over with a hard drive.