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need suggestions about my eurotrip
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first of all my english would be bad sorry for thath

i wanna see and discover all over the europe and i have already been in barcelone,rome napoli, all of the germany cities, prag, viyane,budapeste, bratislava so i deceided to plan a trip to central europa,

i put october fast to my trip also i have also a benefit thath my uncle lives in ahaus(germany) and he will give me car for 20 days so i make a plan from that i planed to go

17 september- 07 october 2014

Ahaus, Germany for 3 days Munich, Germany for 3 days Zürich, Switzerland for 2 days Basel, Switzerland for 2 days Paris, France for 3 days Lille, France for 2 days Brussels, Belgium for 2 days Amsterdam, Netherlands for 3 days Ahaus, Germany for 1 days (like 2400km totaly wih car)

My budget for this trip is like $2,500 USD

First question—-Are my day schedule and budget reliable and sufficent or not?

question2— is there any city thaht i would really go or not to go, nearby central europe

question3—-i plan to go octoberfast munihfirst and i planed 3 days. 3 days is enough for octoberfast?

and any suggesitons thaht cheap hostels, have to eat or have to see places restaurants museums.

thx for your post

ps:i may oen my topic to wrong place sorry for thaht

I am leaving from turkey with $2500 for 21 days
Ahaus, Munich, Zürich, Basel, Paris, Lille, Brussels, Amsterdam, Ahaus
Requesting help with Hostels, Budget, Nightlife, Food, Sights
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1. If budget just covers daily living, yes, you will have a comfortable trip. If you’re buying petrol for the car, things will be a bit tighter, but I think you can handle it.

2. Is there are reason for Brussels? It’s an interesting, culturally diverse mega-city, but I don’t think it’s a great tourist visit. Think about nearby Brugges. Also, are you interested in Swiss cities or alpine scenery for your stay in Switzerland?

3. Oktoberfest will be expensive, 3 days may be all your budget can handle.