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Never been to Europe...advice for a newbie please?
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Hey guys…i just recently joined this amazing site because me and three friends are planning to spend 2 months of the summer of 2010 traversing much of Europe(mostly east).

one of my friends just got back from Lithuania, so he has a little taste, and he learned many things…but we still have questions…the foremost being how much money should we bring to live for two months with little more than bare neccesities? camping outside and sometimes staying in cheap hostels…eating cheap meals…and using cheap transportation?

thank you in advance!

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I am staying for 2.5 months (2 weeks I pay nothing, won’t explain), so my budget is 5500 Euro for 2 months roughly, giving me nearly 85 Euro a day (I factor in transportation or else it would be higher), and that seems like quite a bit after booking my Berlin stay. When I get back (November), I will message you (if you remind me/I remember) and tell you how it went. For me, my Berlin stay is 23 a night for Hostel, 3 Euro for breakfast, I will guestimate 5-10 Euro lunch, 10-20 Euro for supper (depending if I go out or go to market), and my tours/museums, will be about 20 Euro. So that is 75 at the most, but I highly doubt I spend that much every day.

I have heard everywhere from 50 to 100 Euro a day. 1 Euro = 1.55 (roughly) USD.

Another thing to add is that Eastern Europe is much cheaper than where I am going (expensive cities like Berlin, Paris, Rome, London, etc.) so you could get buy on much less, like 10-12 Euro hostels? Maybe?

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Hi Primitive1
Welcome hope you will enjoy discussion here. You guys have a plan for East Europe its a good place. I think JPeeper experience will help you. I would like to suggest you to have sufficient money with you to make your trip interesting. Hope you will enjoy!!

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Mhehe Smile I’ll print out this post and send it to Ministry of employment and social security of Slovakia. The unemployment support here is 55 EUR A MONTH Smile

If you have any questions about Prague or Czech and Slovak republics, ask me.
If you only want to search train or bus connection within Czech&Slovakia and/or to neighboring countries, use or search engines. For domestic transport, they also show prices.