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New Years Eve in Istanbul
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Hey everybody!

I just booked my hostel in Istanbul from Dec 30-Jan 1 2009. I’m traveling alone and would love to have something awesome to do on NYE – does anyone have any suggestions or experiences of Istanbul on New Years? I’ve been doing some poking around, but a lot of the stuff I see is sort of crap touristy stuff (very expensive!), but I’d be up for something tacky if it was fun!


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The guys that worked at my hostel were really friendly, they took a group of us out one weekend night, even got us free cover at a club with a live band near Taksim. I think that is just standard Turkish hospitality. Alcohol is very expensive anywhere you go though.
The Istanbul Couchsurfing group is very active and has regular get-togethers, usually at a cheap dive bar type place (which can be hard to come by in Istanbul). They might have something planned for NYE. I assume there would be a fireworks display somewhere in the city. Taksim should be crowded until the early morning hours as usual.
I’ll be somewhere in Turkey for NYE, just haven’t yet decided where.

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I took a ferry from greece to turkey spent a few days traveling around and made my way to Istanbul had an awesome time and got some really cool gifts to bring back. I think they call traveling or vacation, ‘tatil’ in Turkish