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Not packing walking/running shoes. Good or bad?
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I am thinking of not packing any running/walking shoes this time around. I packed a pair of cross trainers last summer but only wore them to run with the bulls and to do a couple of hikes. It seemed like such a drag to either carry them in my backpack or hang them from my backpack. I wore sandals or sanuks most of the time everywhere. I am from southern california and used to wearing sandals a lot .

I plan on taking the following footwear: sandals, sanuks, five fingers (for trekking/light hiking) http://www.vibramfiv…

Does anyone see this as a problem backpacking through eastern europe i.e. turkey, western balkans, romania ?

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Well, first of all, thanks for the link to the five fingers, I didn’t even know they exist. They look interesting, when do you wear them ? (just curiosity).

Second, I don’t know when you intend to visit Eastern Europe. In Romania, for example, you can wear sandals probably from may to (late) September, depending also on the year. however, winter and even fall can be cold and rainy, so I would probably take some walking shoes instead of sanuks or the 5 fingers.
I also prefer wearing sandals whenever possible (I did yesterday) but if I walk too much in sandals my feet are not very happy. Well, in fact I would pack only sandals and walking shoes (or hiking shoes If I know I’m gonna hike).

But please tell me about this 5 fingers, I’m curious to know more…do you wear them also in the city or only outdoor ?

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You seem to have answered your own question since you’ve traveled before and know the drill. Only thing I can think of that you may have forgotten — Do you have footwear that will be comfortable if it’s really raining? I do not like to slip around in wet sandals. It’s OK for a brief shower, but I get really wet, I’d prefer trainers.