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Offering my services?
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Hey loved community.

I need some logistical help and an opinionated assessment of my goals.

Over the past year, I have spent upwards of 600 hours planning a eurotrip for this summer. No joke about the hours. I enjoy doing it so much, that I planned my friends’ eurotrips, my own, changed my own around a ton, and just researched a ton of destinations that I was not even considering putting on my itinerary just to get to know them a little. I now know how to work the ropes in getting train tickets in advance on almost all individual country websites, I now know how to search airfares, routes and find the cheap deals thoroughly, how to pick out the best hostels etc. My accomplishment is planning a 36 night trip for a total of 850 euros for all transportation expenses in Europe and lodging within Europe (and it is all over the place!).

So, I’m heading off to college next year, and I want to make some money. Since I know how to save people money now and plan a great trip to meet a lot of different people’s needs, I want to start a small scale ‘I get you eurotripping for cheap’ service. I know how to advertise, build up clientele, et etc., but is this viable? How much could I stand to charge for a 36 night 850 euro trip like mine? Will it just be a waste of time, effort? Thank you for giving me your takes on my possibilities!

I am leaving from Atlanta, GA with $3000 for 36 days
Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, Prague, Mostar, Sarajevo, Bol, Makarska, Florence, Málaga, Seville, Barcelona, Ibiza Town