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One way ticket from Europe in mid summer-any help appreciated!
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We find ouselves needing a one- way ticket from Europe at the end of July (July 31, could be a few days later but not earlier). We are meeting our daughter in Europe and then returning all together to the USA after a few weeks in Menorca. This was sort of a last minute change in plans, she is coming home for the Summer before returning to teach English in China, and decided to stop in Europe for the month.

We live in upstate New York. From what I can see I can get the best round trip ticket to Madrid, Dublin or Amsterdam, with Madrid working the best for us since the intra Europe flights are lower for that city to the locations we need to be. This is for flights flying from either Toronto or New York ( JFK or Newark). Washington DC are (incl Baltimore) and Boston are also OK since we have family in those cities that my daughter would like to visit before she returns to China.

Well… a very rude shock to find how expensive a one-way ticket in July will be! I have tried Skyscanner,, search engines, etc., and even looked at round-trip ticket with the intention of dropping the back end, but am not finding anything under the 8—9 hundred dollar range. Well, there is a $580 ticket Madrid-Istanbul-JFK ,and another Dublin-Oslo- JFK, but they have a long wait and, when I add a connection flight from Barcelona, it’s pretty much back up into the same price range?

Does anyone have any ideas? She is coming from China (Wuhan) on 6/29 or 6/30, and there is a direct flight to Paris. If I booked her ticket from China all the way to the USA, using either a multi city round trip or two step one way, could I do better that way? Any information or help would be very appreciate! I’ve not got much time and I’m really stumped on this one.