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Overnight Sleeper Train Vienna - Berlin
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I am looking for information on the overnight sleeper train from Vienna to Berlin. I am planning to try the overnight sleeper cabin from Vienna to Berlin during my Christmas trip this year as it seems something that I should try. Can anyone help me just find basic information on the train itself? not the schedule as I know I can not book it until 90 days out from 28 December, I am just trying to research if it is a good option to take the sleeper train. Warm regards!

I am leaving from Dallas with $5000 for 10 days
Prague, Vienna, Berlin
Requesting help with Transport, Budget, Itinerary, Nightlife, Food, Sights

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Yes, an overnight train is a good option on this route, although you might find a cheap flight. There’s a direct overnight train now on this route and there is probably one year around. Check the schedules after mid September. I think the German rail website is the easiest to use: http://reiseauskunft… I would buy the ticket as far in advance as possible. I don’t see any special fares for the direct overnight train on the German site, so it must by an Austrian train. The Austrian rail company website,… shows specials as low as 49 euros.

Use www. to see which low fare airlines fly which route and check our “cheap flights” forum for more links, search engines and tips. You might find a flight that’s significantly cheaper than regular fare on an overnight train.