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Partying hostel in London?
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Hi everyone, I’m visiting London next months with 2 friends (3 guys in early 20s). We are trying to find a partying hostel that’s safe, clean, and have internet.

After looking around a bit it seems the Generator Hostel in London tends to have a lot of parties and girls and crazy stuff going on, anyone stayed there recently? Or any recommendations for this type hostels in London?

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Just sneeze and your spit is sure to land on the front step of some party hostel in London. The Generator certainly comes to mind. Definitely well run and clean(ish). Standard corporate hostel that tries to achieve some degree of uniqueness.

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I am also looking for a party hostel for the month of June. I am traveling with two other girls and want a place that is close to a tube station. I spent a month in London last summer and stayed in Russel Square and would recommend that area because its close to picadilly, covent, oxford street and a lot of central, busy areas.

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Yeah the Generator was cool. I stayed there for 3 days a few years ago, and it was good times all three nights. Cheap drinks and plenty of people at there bar to meet up with.

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I also recommend Generator. Great party atmosphere and it is the largest hostel in London. Easy to meet people at the bar and is in a good location right in Russell Square two blocks away from the British Museum.

Try a Generator Special while your there!!! You’ll be drinking them all night.

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