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Photographers Wanted in Europe
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Party Earth Photographer – Europe

Party Earth is looking for in-the-know photographers to photograph clubs, bars, outdoor activities, beaches, plazas, casinos, parks, coffee shops, pubs and other social venues. Photographers have the opportunity to earn money while going to the hottest places in cities around the world.

If you are living, traveling or studying in: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, the French Riviera, Ibiza, London, Madrid, Munich, Pamplona, Paris, Rome, or Venice for an extended period of time, then being a Party Earth Researcher is an opportunity you can’t miss!

Responsibilities include one or more of the following:

  • Photographing landmarks and neighborhoods
  • Photographing events including: festivals, events, concerts, parties, sporting events, fashion shows, parades, theater, gallery openings, and film and television premieres
  • Photographing bars, lounges, and clubs including: interiors, exteriors, surrounding areas, the crowds, ‘the party’, bartenders, wait staff, and more
  • Getting into the hardest clubs, bars, and lounges


  • Photography or other Creative Major
  • Professional photography experience a plus
  • Ability to get into the hottest bars, clubs, and lounges
  • Owns a SLR or SLR Digital camera
  • Knowledge and/or ability to learn the social scene of a city
  • Up-to-date with pop-culture, music, sports, and events
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Creative mind
  • Photoshop skills a plus
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, proactive mentality, and tremendous work ethic
  • Enjoys travel and social activities
  • No fear of taking photographs in any situation or setting

Company Description
Party Earth is a global media and entertainment company whose mission is to enable its community of users to maximize their social experiences worldwide. Through its content, media/distribution, and community, Party Earth is a trusted source that delivers unique and valuable recommendations, helping its users find what to do, when to do it, and who to experience it with. The Company currently provides detailed reviews of social venues (i.e. bars, nightclubs, beaches, casinos, parks, plazas) in nineteen cities across the world; a daily calendar of festivals, concerts, and sporting events in these cities including real-time event notifications; and photos capturing moments and experiences from certain festivals and events across the globe. Moreover, the Company ensures that its community members have a personalized experience by enabling them to utilize its content and interact with other users based on their own interests and preferences.

To apply, please go to