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planning a trip - how to
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It’s a bit long but I really hope you could spare the time to read:

I’m starting to plan a euro-trip for me and a couple of friends. we are around the ages of 22-23 and a non-eu citizens (I have a romanian passport tough I understand it doesn’t give me much). I have explored about every online site concerning that and to tell the truth i don’t really know where to start…

I’ve been to europe many times to many cities (my friend did not). I don’t have any issues about going back to the same place twice or three times. But, it is important for me that this trip will be about new, out of the ordinary experiences. to be more precise, i want to experience europe as only a 22 yr old with no obligations and a bunch of money could experience it.

I wanted to hear some opinions about the basic things i’m planning and maybe some tips (largely -where to start):

  1. I’m planning to travel at the begging of July starting with a radio head concert in berlin. I want to travel for about 1.5 months.
  2. my budget (for each) for the trip is about 3,500 euros not including the flight to europe itself.
  3. I’m planning to travel by train ( i thought about car rental and figured it will be much more expensive and i will miss some of the travel experience).
  4. I hope I can make it to these cities: berlin, hamburg, amsterdam, brussels, paris, london, belfast, dublin, cork, madrid, barcelona, milan, venice, vienna. IS THAT TOO MUCH?

I really hope you could give me some tips and ideas from your experience or special point of view.

Thanks, Wink


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You’re budget is low but doable if you are very cheap. Based on your trip itinerary, you may be covering too much area in about 6 weeks — it looks like you will have very long train trips and an obligatory flight or two. I’m not sure if this will work with your budget.

As for everything else, I’m not sure what your asking? Any specific questions?

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