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Rail Prague to Budapest
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What is a reliable, inexpensive website to book a train from Prague to Budapest? I tried the Czech rail website but it will not show me the price.


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Try the Hungarian Rail site. http://www.mav-start… I see advance purchase for 19 Euros, for example.

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Try this link (from Papyr, our resident Czech and Slovak expert) for the Czech system… It may not show prices for international tickets.

You may have trouble buying the ticket on-line in advance and if you buy from the Hungarian site, make sure there’s a way to print an e-ticket or to pick up the ticket in Prague. A ticket waiting for you in Budapest won’t help.

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at you can buy the single ride to Budapest from as low as 449 Kc (that is 18.15 euros) for a non-refundable, personalized, seat-tied ticket, and it’s payable with an online card.

Alas, the booking process takes place in Czech language and there’s no possibility to change it.

So all I can do, if you want, is to ask you for your ICQ number or facebook login or gmail login, so that we can arrange a “online chat meeting” during which I will be translating what appears on your screen. If you want me to do it, drop me a private message with any of the above identificators.

A normal price without any specials or discounts is 70 euros for a basic ticket untied to a particular train or passenger and it can be bought anytime in the international cash desks in the Czech rep.

If you have any questions about Prague or Czech and Slovak republics, ask me.
If you only want to search train or bus connection within Czech&Slovakia and/or to neighboring countries, use or search engines. For domestic transport, they also show prices.