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Rail routes that require reservations
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I am planning to travel via rail from Berlin-Prague-Munich-Interlaken early May/beginning of June. It seems that my best bet is to purchase the Germany/Switzerland Flexi Pass and a city-to-city ticket for Prague-Munich leg. I understand that my pass will only cover my tickets but not reserve a seat for me. From what I have read it seems that in some cases (particular trains, routes, times, etc) it is required to purchase an additional seat reservation but other times it is not essential. I was wondering what the best way to determine when/if to make a reservation is? Is it best to just wait and make these reservations a few days out at the train station when I arrive in the city I will later depart from? This will be my first time using the railway system around Europe and I am still trying to fully understand how the pass/seat reservations work.

Please correct me if I have misunderstood any of the above information!

Thank you so much; love the advice from this forum!

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The best way is the “R” in the train information on the departure board at the station or in the train schedule. I only buy a reservation if the specific train I intend to take requires it. Use the German national rail company website for schedules anywhere in Europe. http://reiseauskunft… Click on the specific train you want and it will tell you if a reservation is required. Regional and local trains don’t require reservations. Express trains between major cities with “names” usually do: TGV, IC, many ICE, EuroCity, InterCity, Cisalpino, EurostarItalia, Pendolino. Overnight trains almost always require reservations.

It is best to buy reservations at the train station. Buying them from an on-line travel agency will nearly double the cost. You can either reserve as you go (your idea works fine) or buy several reservations at one time at any major train station.

Don’t worry, you’ll catch onto this in no time and be an expert by about your 3rd train ride.