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READ Before you ask WHICH HOSTEL to stay in?
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Well, i’ve been meaning to get around to this post for months, and i’ve never found the time. Here we go.

So, for anyone looking for advice on “Where to stay”, please see the following links first. Then if you still can’t find what your looking for, then ask away. I’m sure myself or someone else will try and find an answer for you.

You can use most of these sites for hostel reviews. You should also be able to find reviews for “budget hotels”, which I like to use. It’s a hotel, with the price of a hostel.

1) BUG Europeprobably my favorite site, since they publish the good AND bad reviews.

2) HostelzAnother good site for reviews

3) Hostelworld and HostelsGood for booking, but they often omit some of the “not so good” reviews. I’ve submitted some that have never appeared on the site.

4) Trip advisorMaybe not as good for hostel reviews, but great for other accomadation

5) Sleeping in Airports and Couch SurfingNot you average accomadation, but they work. I’ve used sleeping in airports before.

[=“4”]If any mods, or anyone actually, has anything to add this the list, feel free.

[/][=“3”]UPDATE:  In order to make this post a stickie, I had to delete all the posts in the thread — including a few of my own.  Most were junk, but all that were real postings, I have quoted, and added to my original post.[/]

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Anyone who does NOT read this nivid’s advice is an idiot. We just got back from Europe and were stunned at the number of people who didn’t understand the “blank” reviews on hostelworld were likely to have had “negative” comments and therefore made appear blank. Stick with nivid’s top two unless you have spoken to people. Also they are great for cross-referencing Hostelworld ratings.


I have a question regarding websites such as and

The prices on these websites are often much cheaper than if you book directly with the same hostel/hotel.

How is that possible, and will the hotel in question be obliged to charge you the lower tariff if you book through one of these websites?



I’ve booked every hostel i’ve stayed at through Hostelworld. When you book online it will show you how much you are paying now (10% deposit), plus the $2 fee (unless you are a Gold card member), and how much you must pay on arrival (both in your currency as well as the local currency).

When you arrive at the hostel, they will charge you exactly what it says on you balance. I’ve never had any problems, but just have a printout of your recept with the balance, as well as what type of room you’ve booked. More than once i’ve been put in a room that I hadn’t booked (booked a 4 bed dorm, and got a 2 bed private). Once or twice they tried to go the other way (put me in a larger dorm), but they didn’t since I had my printout.

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We just got back from Europe and were stunned at the number of people who didn’t understand the “blank” reviews on hostelworld were likely to have had “negative” comments and therefore made appear blank. [/blockquote]


Most blank reviews are blank because the reviewer only rated the hostel, but did not type a comment. Some reviews appear blank because the hostel manager (NOT Hostelworld!) decided to delete this review.
Hostelworld says “only comments containing offensive or inappropriate content may be removed”, anyway, I wouldn´t let the hostel managers decide what´s “inappropriate”…

How to distinguish between reviews which always have been blank and deleted reviews:
– If you see the word “Comments:” and then nothing, the reviewer didn´t type a comment.
– If the word “Comments:” isn´t there either and the space where the comment is supposed to appear is a little bit darker the comment has been deleted.

I work in a hostel and figured this out by playing with this a bit, so what I said is no urban backpacker myth – you can believe it.

Please use your “customer power”:
– Do not book hostels with lots of deleted reviews – they are dishonest with you.
– If you submit a comment and it won´t appear, post it up in Forums like this or on BUG Europe.
– If your review doesn´t appear, email Hostelworld: act stupid and ask what´s going on there.

I have some comprehension for hostel managers who don´t want to get their business harmed by really inappropriate comments appearing on hostelworld, but as a traveller, I hate to be bullshitted. After all, I also wouldn´t read a newspaper which only prints good news about my government.


I just read the couchsurfing site you pasted. It’s such an interesting! But I am a little doubtful over it still… It is 100%safe yea?


Personally, I haven’t yet used Couchsurfing (however, I am a registered memeber — I just haven’t hosted or been hosted yet!). But I do know several people who have used it successfully. I guess it can’t be 100% safe, but it’s close enough to it. I’ve never heard anyone say anything negative about it.

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theres some good stuff oon those sites thank you

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Another good site that has hostel and hotel reviews and also finds the best price from 28 different hotel sites is…

Hotel Price Finder


Hope you find it useful too.

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Hi everyone,
I actually work for and would just like to clear a few things up regarding our reviews.  Up until a few months ago we did exercise a certain degree of control over the reviews displaying on  We did this for a number of reasons which we still stand by.  In light of postings such as this one, however, and acting on feedback from our customers, this has since been revised.  Now, ALL reviews appear on the site.  Instead, the hostel is given the right to reply to a comment if they don’t think it’s an accurate reflection of their hostel and these comments are also visible to anybody looking at the site. 
Here’s an example of what it now looks like:
So, as you can see, it is very much a case of ‘what you see is what you get’ so you can be assured that you know exactly what to expect when you arrive at your hostel of choice.
Hope this helps all you future hostel guests out there.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Catherine Gilvarry

Santa Klaus
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Good post, nivid.
And a huge applause to Hostelworld for letting travellers know the whole truth now!

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What`s cheap means no comfort as far as I know from my own experience. It`s hard to find something that`s cheap and offers comfort as well. That`s why I`m here cause I want to show you a Thailand hotel I`ve been to, a few months ago. Check it and chose it and I guarantee you unforgettable moments.

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I guess this answered to my question where to stay thanx Smile

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I would like to add to this —

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nivid this post is very informative.