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Recommendations for Berlin and Munich
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Can anyone recommend a good Hostel for Berlin? I’m looking for something that would be close to all the tourist spots as well as if possible the main train station which I’ll be arriving and leaving from. Any particular neighborhoods I should stay in?

As for Munich, same question, but mostly I would like to know more about which neighborhood anyone could suggest? I was considering a hotel here since we’ll be taking a night train with only a reclining seat…


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I am wondering the same thing about Berlin… hoping someone gets back to us!! Smile

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I was just in both those places..

Berlin-Stayed at Singer 109 hostel, which was actually ridiculously nice. Reception area/front desk was as swanky as any high end hotel I’ve seen. Room was 2×2 bunk beds, bathroom(good shower, sink, toilet), table+tv. The free computers downstairs were nice, and I never really checked out the cafe/bar or any of the common room stuff because I hardly spent any time there besides sleeping. It was really close to Alexanderplatz and TV tower area, your train might be going there I don’t know. I walked to the Museums and a bit further, the metro in Berlin is pretty good too if you want to go anywhere further. The crowd wasn’t typical young backpackers, there were a couple people in my room staying there for business actually. So if you want a really comfortable clean place to go this is your best bet. Some people I met in town were staying at a hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy themed hostel called the heart of gold, so if your into the books at all I’d try to go there haha.

Munich-stayed at Euro Youth Hostel, right next to the HBF main train station, almost a stereotypical hostel, all young backpackers and really lively bar downstairs. 5 beds 2 sinks in my room and I think it was 3 showers and a couple bathrooms (might’ve been 1 mens 1 womens) on our floor with a few other rooms. Really close to the Marienplatz aka center of town. Good place to meet other backpackers and drink beer, might not be that quiet but you’re in munich so you should be drunk enough every night to not have trouble sleeping

I also recommend you book quite a bit of time in both those cities, I only had 2 full days in each and barely saw the sites… wish i had like 4-5

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I would also recommend Euro Youth Hostel. It becomes very lively at night as well with the bar there, plus there are 2 hostels next door who join the bar as well later on. And yeah like kevin said make sure to have like 4 or 5 days in Munich. I only stayed maybe 2 or 3 and wish I would´ve stayed longer. One of the best cities in Europe by far.

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I agree on Euro Youth, one of the best hostels I stayed in – met great people and had a really good time in the bar. Staff were really helpful and the location is perfect, right near the central station and only a 10 minute walk from the centre of Munich.

As for Berlin, I stayed in Wombats hostel which again was very good and has a rooftop bar. The location wasn’t really near a landmark, it was a 10 minute walk from Alexanderplatz but in Berlin it’s not a problem as the metro is so reliable and reasonably priced. Wombats has a metro station literally a 1 minute walk away.