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Reykjavik, anyone?
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So I’ve decided to spend two days in Reykjavik as a stopover on my way to Europe since I’m flying with Icelandair and will connect there anyway. There seems to be limited availability right now for the cheaper hostel options, but I would still like to see if anyone has any recommendations for accommodation anyway. Also, I would like to keep the per night cost under $40 if possible.

Thank you. Smile

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I have connected at Keflavik, but have not yet stayed over in Iceland—it’s on my to-do list, however! I do know from previously researching that $40 is about as cheap as it gets for a hostel there (ditto Norway, by the way). Icelandair might have a hotel package deal they’ll bundle with your flight; those seem to be very good value when all is considered.

Be aware that Icelandair allow stopovers at no additional airfare as long as you book it that way from the beginning. If you book a connection then later change your mind and decide you want to stopover, you will have to pay a change fee ($200?) + any additional airfare.

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I’m looking for accommodation in Reykjavik too. I kind of heard about a youth hostel there, but I don’t really know anything about it

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